Living Social Featured Merchant

Living Social Featured Merchant

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Irish Club

Joining Paddy Coyne’s Irish Club Membership is easy and fun!

Just try all 25 of our Paddy Coyne’s beverages and become an official member of the Paddy Coyne’s Irish Club. Upon your order and sampling of a beverage listed on the Paddy Coyne’s club card, your beverage will be punched. Once all 25 beverages are sampled and punched you will receive an official Paddy Coyne’s Irish Club shirt and an official membership card.

– The membership card is good for a 10% discount every time you visit any Paddy Coyne’s Irish Pub.
– Complete 2 cards and you will receive a membership jacket
– Complete 4 cards, your name will join many other club members on our Irish Club Wall of Fame

Each pub has one, so ask for a punch card on your next visit and get started today!